Push Yourself using Supreme 90 Day

Angela from The Suburban Jungle has posted a favorable review of the Supreme 90 Day Workout System. Even before Angela had a chance to finish the program she was so thrilled she had to share how fantastic she thought it is with her readers.

Angela is only finished 17 days of the program and she talks about how she has improved in such a small period of time.

I feel stronger and my endurance has improved a ton. But the best part – I’m actually working out at my potential. It’s so easy to just run along on the treadmill, watching tv and letting an hour go by. I know I can work out harder. I just don’t most of the time. … The #1 reason I would buy this system is because every dvd pushes you to work your hardest. That’s what a personal trainer would do (but for a whole lot more than $19.99!!)

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Avoid the Freshman 15 with Supreme 90 Day

The Review Stew featured a review of the Supreme 90 Day Workout System on their site. With students all over the country starting school again the reviewer comments on how the “Freshman 15” is a common worry for new college students.

I am a huge fan of working out at home and have never had a gym membership! I am a huge believer that you can get the same effects at home that you can get at a gym – a lot of times just by using your body weight alone!

We all know about the “Freshman 15″ that is commonly associated with starting college and the weight gain that result! Supreme 90 Day would make a great gift for any college student because it is easy to do in a dorm room or anywhere they can put their laptop!

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Supreme 90 Day: Tough, Effective and Supportive

“These workouts are tough” admits Toni from Running, Loving and Living in her review of the Supreme 90 Day system.  “[B]y the time I am finished I am dripping sweat.”

But according to Toni these “tough” challenges produces effective results.  “I have quickly seen results in my strength as I have needed to increase the weights that I use from 5 lbs to 8 lbs to 10 lbs in a short period of time. I have also lost inches, weight and have seen visible changes in my body after just 30 days….”

Toni ends her review by highlighting some Supreme 90 Day support networks.  “Supreme 90 Day also offers support through their website forums, on Facebook and through Twitter so you are never completely on your own” she says.

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The Supreme 90 Day Community

When it comes to fitness and exercise many people look for a support network to provide and receive encouragement.

One central community of support for those following the Supreme 90 Day program is the official Supreme 90 Day Facebook fan page.

To date many people have posted their Supreme 90 Day journeys, challenges and successes with a fan base of over 1,500 people.  Within this community before and after pictures are shown, personal updates are provided, questions are asked and answered, Supreme 90 Day reviews are posted, and words of encouragement abound.

As one seasoned member clearly states to all new members:  “Good luck on your Supreme90 journey.”

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FOX News Visits with Tom Holland and Supreme 90 Day

FOX Connecticut recently interviewed tri-athlete and fitness expert Tom Holland and the Supreme 90 Day system he is supporting.

Holland meets with anchor Logan Byrnes and says:  for $19.99 it “not only comes with 10 DVDs [but] you get an eating plan….and a chart to follow” Holland goes on to say  “it changes every day….you’re not going to get bored.”  Holland and Byrnes then try some of the exercises together as Byrnes announces a giveaway.

“The great thing about Supreme 90 Day is it grows with you” Holland declares.  It’s “the greatest deal out there.”

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Supreme 90 Day For Your Legs

A reviewer for Huff and Buff recently considered how the Supreme 90 Day might work for your legs.

The review begins by introducing the entire Supreme 90 Day program and then focuses on the Supreme 90 Day – Legs exercises.

“Supreme 90 Day – Legs is a well-structured workout that thoroughly targets the lower body from every angle” the review goes on to say.  “The workout is suitable to all fitness levels as each exerciser determines the amount of weight they can handle to execute the exercises….  Tom Holland does a great job coaching throughout the workout. He demonstrates the moves and explains proper form for the exercises. He also does a good job offering modifications to make the workout adaptable to all fitness levels.”

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Save Money with Supreme 90 Day

In a review for Supreme 90 Day, FatGuy (from the Dr. Fitness & The Fat Guy website), immediately highlights the cost-saving aspect of Supreme 90 Day.  He notes how the Supreme 90 Day system in similar to the P90X workout but at “a fraction of the price.”

FatGuy goes on to discuss the interview he and his colleague had with the creators of Supreme 90 Day and then he highlights many of the features of the system.

“All you need is a stability ball, some hand weights and twenty bucks – how can you go wrong?” he asks as he closes his review.  “Take the Supreme 90 Day Challenge!”

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Make a New Start with Supreme 90 Day

Supreme 90 Day is a workout that utilizes “muscle confusion.”  Your body is always working and you get great results at a faster pace.  “I feel like a new person” says Tara.  “It gave me…a new start.”

Supreme 90 Day Creators Explain the 90 Day System

In a recent article for Self.com Supreme 90 Day creators Michele Collier and John Dull explore the dynamics of the Supreme 90 Day system with Self Magazine writer Erin Kurdyla.

“One key to [the] calorie-blasting success [of Supreme 90] is muscle confusion” says Kurdyla.  According to Collier and Dull “[t]he biggest problem people run up against when starting an exercise program is everyone sees results at first because the body isn’t used to the demands you are putting it through. When the body adapts and gets used to the workload, results start to diminish. It’s at that point that you need to change things up to continue getting results. Supreme 90 Day utilizes the science of muscle confusion to do that.”

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Supreme 90 Day Offers Empowerment

The Supreme 90 Day plan is an at-home system designed to help you get you lean, sculpted and confident.  Laura says “I feel lean.  I feel strong and it’s very empowering for a woman.”