Supreme 90 Day Creators Explain the 90 Day System

In a recent article for Supreme 90 Day creators Michele Collier and John Dull explore the dynamics of the Supreme 90 Day system with Self Magazine writer Erin Kurdyla.

“One key to [the] calorie-blasting success [of Supreme 90] is muscle confusion” says Kurdyla.  According to Collier and Dull “[t]he biggest problem people run up against when starting an exercise program is everyone sees results at first because the body isn’t used to the demands you are putting it through. When the body adapts and gets used to the workload, results start to diminish. It’s at that point that you need to change things up to continue getting results. Supreme 90 Day utilizes the science of muscle confusion to do that.”

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Supreme 90 Day is a Telebrands product.

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