Get Ready to Throw Out Your Old Clothes! Supreme 90 Day Brings Quick Results

Instead of focusing of repetitive exercises Supreme 90 Day utilizes routines that bring on muscle shocking moves.  This keeps your body challenged and helps you to quickly become ripped, strong and lean.  “The results came very quickly,” Jennifer says.  “I’ve lost over 10.5 inches.  6.5 inches from in waist alone…. My old clothes don’t even fit.”

Supreme 90 Day is the Real Deal

Many workouts tend to lose effectiveness over the weeks as your muscles reach a plateau.   This plateau keeps you from seeing any results.   Supreme 90 Day takes a different approach as it employs the power of muscle confusion to accelerate and maximize your results.  “These workouts are the real deal,” says Jeff.  “Muscle confusion.  Not doing the same thing…are what delivers the results.”

Improve Your Body (and Mind) With Supreme 90 Day

The Supreme 90 Day System is an easy-to-follow, complete body cardio and strength workout program that not only strengthens your body, but gives you confidence as well.  Gail says “I’ve seen such an incredible improvement…not only physically but mentally.”

MizFit Reviews Supreme 90 Day

MizFit, from MizFitOnline, says she recently decreased her online reviews but “immediately said YES” to the chance to review Supreme 90 Day.

She says Supreme 90 Day “….appeared to my misfit eyes to be a new! improved! AFFORDABLE! P90ISH option.”

MizFit goes on to list a number of the strengths of Supreme 90 Day including its’ accompanying food plan, the comprehensive DVDs, its’ “AFFORDABLE” price and the ability of Supreme 90 to be challenging but “…not so difficult I quit.”

Click here to see MizFit’s full review

Supreme 90 Day: A Life Changer!

Using the muscle confusion technique Supreme 90 Day can help you get the body you desire in only 90 days.  “This program has changed my life…” says Gail.

Move at Your Own Pace with Supreme 90 Day: Total Body

Lindsey Lu from Fitness for the Rest of Us placed a review of the “Supreme 90 Day: Total Body” workout on her blog. She does a nice job of explaining the structure and intensity of the workout. She rates this specific routine as a high intermediate workout. Following the guidance on the video, she remarks how she appreciates the ability to move at her own pace.

“As with every S90 w/o I’ve done so far- love the sequencing!!! They really sequence the exercises to optimize your workout time and intensity.”

To read the full review click here

Boost Your Energy Levels with Supreme 90 Day

Many ordinary workouts lose steam.  The muscles plateau, you stop seeing results and your energy levels stay roughly the same.  Supreme 90 Day keeps you challenged by utilizing the muscle confusion technique.    “My energy level is definitely up,” says Cheryl.  “I can run around with my kids a lot more.  They appreciate it.”

Supreme 90 Day Gives You Results You Won’t Believe

The Supreme 90 Day program can help you to obtain the ripped body you want in just 90 days.  You won’t believe the results.  “I’ve got abs again” Bonnie declares.  “I can’t believe this is my body.”

Supreme 90 Day Facebook Contest

The Supreme 90 Day Facebook Contest is now Live. Now is your chance to enter to win a Supreme 90 Day program so you can get Ripped & Lean In just 90 Days. Every day for 90 days starting April 1st a winner will be picked to receive the Supreme 90 Day system for free.*

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*We reserve the right to pick a new winner if we are unable to contact you within 14 days.

Good Luck!

Supreme 90 | Cardio Challenge Review

A review of Supreme 90 Day’s Cardio Challenge was posted on At first, it described what exactly makes up the Supreme 90 Day program. It then follows with the various programs it offers. The article focuses on the Cardio Challenge and breaks down the aspects of it.

“Cardio Challenge is a high-intensity and challenging cardiovascular interval workout. The workout is nicely paced and the sequencing of work-to-rest ratio gives you enough time to recover before the next high intensity blast. The workout is enjoyable and the time flies by, though you will be working hard during that time. Tom Holland does a great job coaching throughout the workout. He uses the time during the thirty second rest to explain the next exercise. He does a good job encouraging and motivating throughout the workout.”